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How does SOLAR energy work?

Solar panels are a promising source of energy, solar panels crown the roofs of our homes, solar panels illuminate traffic signals, even help to maintain the power of spaceships. But how do solar panels work?

What is photovoltaic energy?

The basis of photovoltaic solar energy is the photoelectric or photovoltaic effect, which consists in the conversion of light into electricity. This process is achieved with some materials that have the property to absorb photons and emit elecrones.

Composition for photovoltaic cells.

To build a semiconductor device capable of generating electricity from the solar radiation is commonly used a composition made mineral silicon. At present there are also new technologies in the production of solar panels that do not use silicon, for example with the semiconductors Telluride of cadmium, arsenide of gallium and diseleniur of copper in indium.

Photovoltaic cells.

A photovoltaic cell is a cells that convert solar light into electricity. Many cells joined together form a solar panel. Each photovoltaic cell is basically a sandwich consisting of two slices of semiconductor material, usually silicon, the same material used in microelectronics.

How do photovoltaic cells work?

To work, photovoltaic cells need to establish an electric field. As is a magnetic field, which occurs because of opposite poles, an electrical field occurs when opposite loads are separate. To achieve this field, manufacturers "doped" silicon with other materials, giving each sandwich slice a positive or negative electrical charge.

Energy Collection

A couple of other cell components convert these electrons into usable energy. The metal conductive plates on the sides of the cell collect the electrons and transfer them to the wires. At that point, electrons can flow like any other source of electricity.

Uses of SOLAR energy.

By converting the photovoltaic energy of the sun into electric energy as we know it generally in our homes, it can also be used for the same household appliances for everyday use, bulbs and other lighting elements, machinery, equipment, between Many others!

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